How the MedaCube Works

  • Load up to 16 different medicines in the automatic pill dispenser boxes
  • Hold up to a 90 day supply of prescriptions
  • Quickly refill medications in under 2 minutes
  • Program in desired medication routine
  • See pictures of pills for each dose
  • Tilt sensor alerts for possible tampering or incorrect dosing/spillage
  • Lockable unit insures no tampering or spillage
  • Only medication dispenser tested to significantly improve adherence in an FDA approved clinical trial
  • Patients took the correct dose 97% of the time versus only 49% prior to the MedaCube

How to use the MedaCube

Load Medication

MedaCube is a bulk-loaded machine. Caregivers and users love this feature!  It can store up to 16 different medications, with a base of a 90-day supply of each. The process is easy and fast, so you can stop wasting time sorting and loading individual pills into a pill box or dose-based automatic pill dispenser.

Set Dispensing Schedule

The MedaCube features up to 20 customizable daily scheduling times, as-needed medication options with safety features, as well as the ability to adjust medication doses. When adding a new medication, simply tap the first few letters of the medication name on the screen, and enter dose quantity and times.

In case your pharmacist is using QR codes for labeling your medication, the process is even simpler. Hold the amber bottle near the bar code reader located on the front of the MedaCube and all medication information is uploaded into the MedaCube automatically.

View Reports

All information collected by the MedaCube is securely saved in the cloud. Authorized caregivers can view summaries and reports on their MedaCube portal account. Reports on adherence, pill inventory, pill dispensing times and when as-deeded medications are requested, are all available through a HIPAA compliant secure website.

With permission from the patient, this information can be shared with physicians and pharmacists at a touch of a button. Caregivers particularly like the ‘recent doses’ report which shows the exact time the dose was taken and displays a picture of each dose’s pills in the dispense drawer.

Stay Connected

Caregivers are notified if a dose is late or has been missed, if there is a power failure, and when a medication needs to be refilled.

Notifications are sent through text, email, and/or phone.

Different types of notifications:

Alerts the patient that it is time to take their medication, including non-pill form medications (inhalers, insulin, etc). It will even call the patient 10 minutes after the dose is ready if it has not been taken.

When the patient is late for a dose, and again if a dose is missed, it notifies the caregivers.

Reminders to refill a prescription and/or obtain a new prescription are emailed to the caregivers several days before the supply is used up.

Caregivers are notified if there is any problem with the MedaCube such as loss of Internet connectivity, loss of house power, or drawer left open. Follow-up notifications are sent when the problem is resolved.

Whenever the MedaCube is tilted or loses house power and runs on battery the caregivers are notified. A second notice is sent when power is restored.

Every dose of medication can be viewed by authorized caregivers through the Internet portal, including a picture of the pills dispensed.